Speaking Engagements


MERL Tech, Kurante – London, UK, March 2018 and Washington DC, USA, Sept 2018.

Key Note Speaker: History of ICT4D

Rights Con, Toronto –  Toronto, Canada, May 2018

Speaker: Understanding the Role of Hate Speech in Humanitarian Emergencies

Speaker: Data Literacy in Humanitarian Emergencies and Armed Conflicts


Humanitarian ICT Forum, UNOCHA – San Francisco, USA, March 2017

Presenter:  The role of Social Media in Humanitarian Response

Global Communication Forum, ICRC – Bangkok, Thailand, Sept 2017

Presenter: The Participation Revolution and the role of rumors in armed conflicts


Build Peace, Build Up, Boston, USA, April 2014

Speaker: Using an Information Ecosystem Approach for Resilience

Humanitarian Innovation Conference July 2014

Speaker: Who owns humanitarian data?

Speaker: The role of Information Ecosystems in Community-lead responses


OKConference, Open Knowledge Foundation – Switzerland, September 2013

Presenter: Open Development and Sustainability panel

Presenter: The Challenges of Open Data panel

Humanitarianism in the Network Age, UNOCHA, United Nations – New York, USA, 2013

Key Note: How New Communication Technologies Are Transforming Humanitarian aid

Technical Trainer | U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP), PeaceTech Camp

Technical trainer: mobile technology, crisis-mapping, social media, technology design and strategies.

Technical Trainer | Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Indonesia

Trainer: Social Media for Risk Communication: Workshop on Risk Communications in Health

Technical Trainer | UNICEF, Senegal

Trainer: C4D Emergency Workshop

Technical Trainer | UNDP, Bureau for Development Policy and Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Turkey

Trainer: Global Community of Practice on ICT for Inclusive Governance and Conflict


PICNIC Conference, European Journalism Centre – Amsterdam, October 2012  

Presenter: Crowdsourcing, Mapping and Verification

Moderator: Panel: Verifying Crowdsourced Information    

CDAC Annual Conference, CDAC Network – London, UK, March 2012

Presenter: Using Technology to listen to communities in emergencies

Guest Lecturer | Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Title of the lecture: Crowdsourcing Technologies in High Risk Countries

Technical Trainer | Association of National Broadcasting Companies in the Caribbean

Title of the one -day lecture: Using Social Media for natural disaster response and planning


eTransform Africa, World Bank, African Development Bank, African Union – Johannesburg, June 2011

Third Party Expert: The Strategic Application of Information and Communication Technologies

Crowdsource Mapping for Preparedness and Emergency Response, UNSPIDER – Vienna – July 2011

Speaker: Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping: the new frontier

Guest Lecturer | Columbia University, SIPA, New York, USA

Title of the lecture: The Role of Social Media in Egypt, Tunisia and Sudan revolutions 

Guest Lecturer | Columbia University, SIPA, New York, USA

Title of the lecture: Case Studies on uses and applications of ICT4D

Guest Lecturer | Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, Presbyterian Hospital University, USA

Title of the module: History and Development of Crisis Mapping for Health


Early Warning for Protection, Oxfam Australia – Cambodia, October 2010

Speaker and Technical Advisor: Technologies and Practice for the Prevention of Mass Atrocity Crimes