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Social media for emergencies

Social Media and Crisis Mapping for Media Development

New Media for National Broadcasters

Listening to the Crowd: verification of Social Media Content

Innovative Approaches to M&E and Project Design

Humanitarian emergencies: searching for Open Data – OKCon2013

OpenGeo data for Media Development – OKCon2013

Using new technologies to foster information systems in complex emergencies

Communication with Communities: C4D Unicef Workshop

Crowdsourcing, Mapping and Verification – PICNIC2012

Preventing Conflict with the right information – UNDP Workshop

Crisis Mapping and the Middle East: revolutionizing the technology

Big Data for Media Development

By the People: The Role of Citizen Journalism in the Information Revolution

Social Media for Public Health during Emergencies  

ICT4D e applicazioni pratiche di nuove tecnologie per lo sviluppo (Italian)

FrontlineSMS tutorial

FrontlineSMS User Guide (French) part I

FrontlineSMS User Guide (French) part II

Crowdsourcing and crowdfeeding (French)

Crowdsourcing tools and examples

Crowdsourcing and crowfeeding – second version

Ushahidi Chile @ SIPA

Standby Task Force

Ict4d and crowdsourcing

Crisis Mapping

Ushahidi and Crowdmap training

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfeeding

ICCM 2011